Seriously Dan – S04 E001: Train Whistles and Comedy Shows

We are back after a long delay.  Didja miss us? Didja notice?

Cineprov2017Topics for this week include:

  • Once Upon a Time…”I only watched the first season.”  (I have watched it all)
  • You’re the Worst…”It saved my life? Yep.”
  • Magicians: Reign With Magic
  • Why I was uncomfortable with Meg Ryan: she’s just so Dunwoody
  • An Interview with Larry Johnson of Cineprov!
  • Speaking of the worst…getting through the worst month of my life, BUT…coming out of it ready for the fight!
  • An Interview with Stephenie Goad and Kris Bolz of Nerdlanta
  • Dan’s new venture: The Neighborhood Studio

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