Trailer touchdown: Best movie teasers from the Super Bowl

Super Bowl commercials have become a competitive sport in their own right, and for movie buffs, it’s always fun to watch the big game to see what film teasers Hollywood releases. While we didn’t get a trailer for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” we did see teasers for a number of highly-anticipated films. Find all the trailers here, or read about some of the highlights below.  Continue reading “Trailer touchdown: Best movie teasers from the Super Bowl” »

Pop Culture Cosmos Episode Twenty Three

On this week’s episode, we’re talking if reviving the Avatar and Dune franchises can strike it rich with film audiences. Plus the guys from the Super Bro Station Gamecast talk about what they would like to see from the Final Fantasy series and Charles and Chris from Inside Sports are on the air with their thoughts about drugs and the NFL. All this plus a hit song from Hyperschmitt and a bonus episode of the Game Source Podcast with Gerald, Rob and Doug commenting on virtual reality, the Nintendo Switch and more!