Seriously, Dan is back! This episode I got to talk to Bob Carter, voice over/voice acting expert, about his amazing new production space/training space called “The Neighborhood.” There is more specific information below, but give the podcast a listen. You cannot help but fall in love with this man’s voice! Bob shares a lot of experience and perspective on professional vocal work and talks about way YOU can get involved!
(If you decide to take one of these classes, share with the the PROMO code “Seriously” so that The Neighborhood Studio know to treat you right because you are Dan Fan!)

More information:
Bob Carter
The Neighborhood Studio
The Neighborhood Studio Prepares Students Interested in Careers in Voice Acting
Introductory “Voice Over Vigilante” Class Scheduled for 11/19
Atlanta, GA 11/14/2016 – The Neighborhood Studio, a school and studio for voice acting and professional communications, has announced a series of new training offerings as an exciting response to the overwhelming global need for voice actors, performers, and speakers. Located in Atlanta, The Neighborhood has been able to assist students preparing for work in voice acting. A boot-camp style for those looking to start in Voice Acting is Scheduled for November, 19 2009

Bob Carter and September Day both have long standing careers in voice over and voice acting work. Together they have traveled around the country teaching voice over workshops. Their passion for voice over and has inspired them to open a production and coaching studio, the Neighborhood.

“We like to think of The Neighborhood as a voice over Superhero Training Academy,” said Carter. “Our job is to educate, motivate, and empower you to be the best Voice Over Superhero that you can be!”

The 5-hour VO Vigilante Beginner’s Workshop provides everything an aspiring voice over artist needs to transition into the world of voice artist. As Carter pointed out, “Even if you never take another class on voiceover, you will learn enough to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.”
To find out more about VO Vigilante Beginners Workshop, contact Bob Carter at Bob@neighborhoodstudioatlanta.com and include the Promo Code “Seriously” in your email.

Other courses are available at the Neighborhood including on-screen acting, voice acting, setting up a home studio and much more. The Neighborhood also has studio space available for rent at very reasonable rates. They are dedicated to expanding the craft of voice over and voice acting and helping as many people pursue their dreams and hone their vocal skills as possible.

Bob Carter is a professional male voice actor known for voicing Balrog in the Street Fighter series, Shao Kahn & Baraka in Mortal Kombat, Odin in Smite, Lifeless Planet, and many other popular characters in a wide range of video games. Carter also currently broadcasts globally and has been heard on NBC Sports, ESPN, and other radio stations. He has also voiced many anime projects such as Dragonball Z, Full Metal Alchemist, Samurai 7, Blassreiter, El Cazador, and many other cartoon series & video games.

His wife, September, specializes in commercials, corporate narration, and live announcing. She has voiced for various projects such as MTV’s Video Music Awards, Subway, Michael Kors, Stacy’s Pita Chips, Build-a-Bear, ABC Family, Mary Kay, Interactive Achievement Awards, AdultCon, & Skynet in Terminator Salvation in addition to many more projects heard and seen on TV and the internet.

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