About the crew from ESOThe ESO Crew (Mike F & Mike G) photo by Sue Volkert

From its beginnings in April 2010, the ESO Network is the Podcast network of shows that celebrate our love for all things pop culture, sci-fi and fantasy, comics, and much, much more. Join Podcasts like Earth Station One, Earth Station Who, Doctor Geek’s Laboratory for Applied Science, Transmissions From Atlantis, The White Rocket, The Thirteenth Hour, and The Ratchet Retrocast and much, much more as we dive headfirst into the world of their favorite topics, and see what they can find to get into trouble with! Stop by for a listen and let your inner geek out to play.

Do you have a Podcast (or want to start one), and are you interested in joining the ESO Network? Feel free to email us at esopodcast@gmail.com

Meet the ESO Crew
Mike FaberMike F Cartoom

Mike Faber is the guy who kicked off this eccentric Podcast. After years of listening to various comic book, sci-fi, music, and Doctor Who-themed Podcasts, he thought, why the heck couldn’t he start a Podcast? It was then that he researched the technologies behind Podcasting, asked advice from various resources, and put all of his favorite themes into a single show: Earth Station One, born on April 6, 2010. Mike has been an avid comic book reader since 1971 at the tender age of 4, when his grandmother started him down a road that shaped his young life for many years to come. He eventually expanded his horizons into the world of sci-fi and fantasy, becoming a student of much and an expert of all. His career goal of becoming a cartoonist never took off, so instead he worked at various comic shops, movie theaters and radio stations after college, until he settled in the IT field as a User Interface designer. He’s a man of many concepts, constantly coming up with hare-brained ideas and never really knowing when to stop. (That’s probably a good thing for ESO and its growing audience!)

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Mike GordonNew Legend MikeWhen earthbound, crewmember Mike Gordon logs numerous hours on a variety of geek-related projects. He is the chief editor and publisher of New Legend Comics and the writer and creator of “Tiki Zombie.” His first published book was “The Untold Origins of Invisible Scarlet O’Neil” and he continues to work with Russ Stamm on all projects concerning the classic character. He is the co-founder of www.ComicBookTrailers.com, a site created to help promote comic-related projects. He also is an aficionado of escapism of all kinds and is a skilled cinephile, TV junkie, and comic fanboy. For more info, check out www.newlegendmike.com.

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Any questions or comments, please feel free to email us at esopodcast@gmail.com.

All articles on this pages are sampled from various news sources that we all follow, such as Bleeding Cool, Blastr, Ain’t it Cool News, and others. Earth Station One does not claim to write any of these articles, which are researched and written lovingly by authors on these various sites and reprinted here to get their stories out to as many sci-fi and fantasy fans as possible.The Three Hosts of Earth Station One

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