RevCast Special: Horror / Sci-Fi Movie Actor Filmmaker Serge Levin

RevSF’s Joe Crowe talks to horror and sci-fi actor and filmmaker Serge Levin about his work in the horror and sci-fi genres, as well as must-see movies Welcome to Willits and Abysm

He talks about doing martial arts with Dolph Lundgren on Welcome to Willits, being in awe of Michael Ironside on Abysm, and his career in movies. 
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RevNews – Star Trek Beyond – Treking the Verb!

The adventures in the new Star Trek universe continue! But this time, without JJ at the helm, and with a script by fan favorite Simon Pegg! Will a story by one of our favorite geeks get classic Trek fans back on board? Or will the action focus of new director Justin Lin just make them furious? RevNews hosts Gary Mitchel & Tegan Hendrickson beam aboard Trek fans Kasey Ryan, Michael Falkner, and Sue Kisenwether to discuss these questions and many more!
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REVNEWS: Rebirthing Pains – DC Universe Rebooting Again!

In 1985, DC Comics published the epic series CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, and ever since the repercussions have reverberated down over the years, inside and out of their published universe. Characters and worlds lived and died! A cycle of yearly mega-crossover events have became the norm. And what started as an attempt to streamline the DC Universe lead to more and more frayed bits and pieces requiring new clean-ups that caused even more issues.

And now, after the somewhat unsuccessful New 52, DC is pusing the cosmic reset button once more! This time, however, feels different. This new mega-event, titled REBIRTH, is under the watchful hand of legendary writer Geoff Johns, who’s no stranger to breathing new life and excitement into characters that need a return to greatness.

To discuss the events that lead to this change, the story itself, and the repercusions of this new Universe Reset, RevNews host Gary Mitchel put out the call to Green Lantern expert Sean, The Rad Ranger, and the world’s foremost Flash Fan Shaun Rosado! Listen as they take a (not-so) brief look at DC’s previous major events; what makes event stories work, & what doesn’t; how modern heroes can be seen as modern gods; REBIRTH as business & writing decision; Batman’s belt, Superman’s lack of red shorts & overall costume design theory; DC’s ability to do legacy; what each of the main DC characters represent to readers; the big moment that brought all the feels; the meta side of the reveal of the big bad; a look at the Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern & Wonder Woman Rebirth issues; Shaun’s Bette Midler reference; how everyone gets to be a Batman; Rad Ranger’s fondness for 90’s costumes; Shaun’s message to DC about artists; and the upcoming comics they can’t miss.

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RevNews – Civil War: The Comic – Infinite Crisis in Infinite Politics!

The RevNews coverage of all things Captain America: Civil War concludes! We came, we saw, we laughed and we cried! Oh, did our group of podcasters cry as the movie hit them hard, as the internet says, right in the feels. RevNews hosts Gary Mitchel & Tegan Hendrickson have reconvened with registered fans Mike Nelson, Ryan Guthrie and, Jennifer Hartshorn to see if the movie met theirpreviously discussed expectations, or if it needs to be sent to its room (that may be an exaggeration).
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RevNews – Civil War: The Comic – Infinite Crisis in Infinite Politics!

The RevNews coverage of all things Captain America: Civil War continues! In this new episode, host Gary Mitchel calls in the world’s foremost Flash fan and comics expert Shaun Rosado to discuss the epic comics event, and all its related series, which has inspired the movie!

Tune in as they explain why this movie may be the closest the MCU will come to the actual comics; a bit of history of The Avengers in comics along with everything going on in comics & the real world that influenced this epic event; the differences in how MARVEL handles a recalibration vs how DC does it; what started the Civil war & the two sides’ arguments; what the series did to Tony Stark as a character & how Movie Tony and Comics Tony differ; how all the character moments seem to be in the side-books and the BIG moments are in the main book; which side Gary and Shaun are on; where Shaun thinks all the villains were while the heroes fought; the final fight that ended the war, the denouement, the lingering aftermath & how it affected the MAREL Comics Universe for the next few years; and what they consider to be essential (and NON-essential) reading for the event.
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Captain America: Civil War – A Backpack Full of Feels!

MARVEL’s Phase Three begins here! And it begins with a story that we’re sure is going to make us emotionally compromised! Best friend vs best friend over previous best friend! To discuss this movie, the comics that inspired it, and what to look forward in it, RevNews hosts Gary Mitchel & Tegan Hendrickson have called together a group of registered experts on the MCU: Mike Nelson, Ryan Guthrie and host of our ESO sister show, Earth Station MCU, Jennifer Hartshorn!
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RevNews: Star Trek – The Fuller Frontier

At long last, after many years and a movie reboot, Star Trek is finally returning to television! Well, sort of, as CBS reveals that the series will be part of their new streaming service. Not only that, it will be in the hands of one of our favorite show-runners, Bryan Fuller! We like this news because not only has Fuller brought us some of our favorite genre shows (Pushing Daises, Hannibal), but he got his start with Star Trek!
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RevolutionSF RevNews Episode 7

Back in December, RevNes co-hosts Gary Mitchel and Tegan Hendrickson gathered Michael Falkner and Nathan Laws together to dicuss Star Wars prior to the premier of the Force Awakens. The reminice about when they first watched Star Wars (Hint: With the exception of Gary, they are all young), what should and should not be cannon and their hopes and dreams for Episode 7.
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RevCast Special: E.G. Daily Interview

This really happened.

RevSF’s Joe Crowe interviewed E.G. Daily, who played Dottie on Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure and does about a zillion other terrific things, including the voice of Tommy on Rugrats

We cover all that. Joe loses his composure a little bit. Dudes. He’s talking to Dottie from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

Check out her site. You can buy all her stuff there. 

Another thing we talk about: Ms. Daily hosts a seminar on voice acting! Find the seminar on Amazon.  

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RevCast 267: So Star Wars Came Out Last Month. Now What? – January 2016 Movies

January 2016 brings a cornocopia of genre movies for Podcast Queen Deanna Toxopeus and her guest Tegan Hendrickson to examine. There is a wide ranging discussion about animated movies and teen distopias. But it is a baby radish that entrances both of the ladies. So come join them as they go through the January movies and tell you what to see in the theater.

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