Michael Falkner


Timestamp #121: Black Orchid+

Doctor Who: Black Orchid (4 episodes, s19e17-e18, 1982)   It’s more like Doctor Who and the Case of the Missing...

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Timestamp #120: The Visitation+

Doctor Who: The Visitation (4 episodes, s19e13-e16, 1982)   The franchise takes a step up with a couple of reset...

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Timestamp #119: Kinda+

Doctor Who: Kinda (4 episodes, s19e09-e12, 1982)   After the last story, this was probably not the best time to...

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Timestamp #118: Four to Doomsday+

Doctor Who: Four to Doomsday (4 episodes, s19e05-e08, 1982)   This time, I begin to wonder if the Doctor would...

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Timestamp #117: Castrovalva+

Doctor Who: Castrovalva (4 episodes, s19e01-e04, 1982)   A new season, a new Doctor, but first, a recap. Behind the...

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