Commentary From StormCage: Truly Outrageous…Possibly?

Commentary from Stormacage

by Rachel Stewart / notprolificnotprofound

Everyone has that one pop culture thing they’d love to see properly brought to life on the silver screen. It could be a beloved comic, a television show, or a musical.

For me, it’s Jem and the Holograms. My mother wouldn’t let me watch MTV, but I could watch Jem every morning before school. And thus an obsession was born. My collection of dolls, cassettes, and VHS tapes grew, long outside my childhood and into my teens and college years. Now it’s easy to see in the influnence Jem had on girls in the 80s. Look at Lady Gaga at the 2010 Grammys. Or consider Katy Perry’s ever changing hair colors and pop personalities. The glitter and grittiness of Ke$ha smacks of the Misfits’s mischief. Think of Nicki Minaj’s retro pop-influenced rap and pink hair. The older I get, the more I see Jem in pop culture.

Then the Jem and the Holograms movie was announced.
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Commentary From StormCage: Defining Cosplay

Commentary from Stormcage

by Rachel Stewart

For people who aren’t in fandom, cosplay can be a confusing concept. Since becoming immersed and open about cosplaying within the Doctor Who fandom, I’ve had many people ask, “So, what is it exactly you do?” My answer is typically  “Stand around with my cosplay friends and talk about expensive pieces of clothing.” With Heroes of Cosplay returning with another series of drama and misconceptions, I figured now is a great time for a cosplay primer.

Cosplay is a hobby. Collecting stamps. Knitting. Scrapbooking. Playing a sport. Cosplay is just like any other hobby. People are passionate and well-versed in techniques they’ve researched or modified themselves. People spend hours searching for ready-made pieces, building armor, embroidering fabric, and so on. Some people have better strengths than others. My talents include finding alternate pieces for screen worn clothing as well as distressing and painting items. I love searching for both vintage clothing and finding knock offs of current street clothing that can be modified for costumes. For cosplayers portraying comic book superheroes, they may even have a training schedule to get in shape for con. Many cosplayers may be on a budget, so financial skills also play a factor. Cosplay is a multi-faceted hobby, which demands a lot of time and effort, which is why I love it! I’m always learning something and improving on what I’ve done in the past. And while there may be some last-minute crunch to complete a costume, I find that element is way overplayed in Heroes of Cosplay. Any cosplayer worth their salt is going to have their latest costume complete before checking into their hotel room.
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Commentary From StormCage: Surviving #ConLife

Commentary from Stormcage

by Rachel Stewart / notprolificnotprofound

The holidays are over. Winter will hopefully be over sooner than later, and that means only one thing: conventions are a’coming.

Whether you’re a cosplayer, gamer, panelist, or simple spectator, going to multiple conventions a year can be fun but exhausting. Here’s how to survive your weekend of geeky fun without coming home with Con Crud.

1. Plan Your Con Experience.  Making time to see ALL THE THINGS and ALL THE PEOPLE can make even the most seasoned con goer anxious. Look at the schedules as soon as they go up and set a flexible itinerary, because sometimes panels don’t go as planned and having a back up can keep your con experience from derailing into “THIS SUCKS” territory. Also, if you need downtime, take it. Don’t be afraid to tell people you’ll catch up later or the next day if you’re not feeling it. For cosplayers, your days may be planned out in costumes you’re wearing for photo shoots or panels. Pack accessories ahead of time and invest in luggage so you can carry what you need with ease. I’ve got two lightweight trunks that stay packed with shoes, books, and other odds and ends so I’m ready to head out at any time. If you’re working on a new cosplay, bump your deadline up so you don’t end up flipping out the night before a con like all the cosplayers on Heroes of Cosplay. Just. Don’t.
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Commentary From StormCage: Capaldi’s A’Coming

Commentary Form Stormcage
by Rachel Stewart / notprolificnotprofound

One photo of Peter Capaldi’s costume for the Twelfth Doctor was released earlier this week before the pictures of him and Jenna Coleman filming a scene hit the Internet.

Capaldi’s take on the Doctor offers comparisons to Doctors past, from the stripped down feel of his outfit — very Nine — to the flair of his red satin lined coat — Three, anyone? — but there’s one item on his person that has the Internet talking. Capaldi is wearing a ring.
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Commentary From StormCage: Will the Real River Song Stand Up? Or The Problem of Tasha Lem

By Rachel Stewart / notprolificnotprofound

What a difference a month makes. [Spoilers ahead.]

While The Day of the Doctor brought tears of joy to the eyes of many Whovians, The Time of the Doctor left many feeling angry or overwhelmingly confused,  like they’d experienced a whole series in a one-hour episode. Whereas Steven Moffat had plenty of time to refine and revise plot points for the 50th anniversary special, Matt Smith’s sudden exit this summer left him in a predicament: how to wrap up three series worth of plot points precisely in a Christmas special? Some touches were inspired — the Silence are priests!?! – while others felt plucked straight from previous episodes — Eleven sending Clara away made me instantly think of Nine and Rose in Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways. There were moments of perfection: Eleven’s finale monologue, and Amy Pond appearing, a hallucination in his pre-regeneration haze, to say goodbye one last time, not in tears, but with grace and peace.

And then there’s the problem of Tasha Lem.
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Commentary From StormCage: Echoes of River Song in Day of the Doctor

By Rachel Stewart / notprolificnotprofound

This blog contains spoilers. Proceed with caution, sweeties!

  • As a River Song fan, may of us were going in looking for any hints that she may come back. While the plot focused on the Doctor’s struggle to destroy Gallifrey and the Daleks — as well as his decision to change his mind — there were small touches that made many River fans happy.
  • When surrounded in the forest, the 10th and 11th Doctors point their sonic screwdrivers like weapons. The War Doctor asks if they’re planning to build a cabinet, a joke River Song threw at Eleven when they were fighting the Silence in Day of the Moon.
  • Eleven takes to defacing part of the Tower of London to leave a clue to their location, much like River defacing a cliff face in The Pandorica Opens.
  • As people pass through the Black Archive, there’s a quick shot of River’s red heels from Time of Angels. [Dangerous weapons, indeed!]
  • When Ten asks Eleven how he could forget the staggering amount of casualties in the Time War, Eleven utters “spoilers” instead of answering the question.
  • The War Doctor ponders if there are many more marriages in his future. Eleven confirms this — although his marriage to River wasn’t a ruse to prove she was an alien life form. [Well done, Ten!]
  • When Eleven meets the Curator, River Song’s wedding theme is played. This musical cue was also used when Eleven spoke to River Song’s data ghost at Trenzalore.

All these moments reinforce my theory that she may be back at Christmas for Eleven’s regeneration. The Silence played a huge role in her life–from her separation from her parents to her backwards timeline with the Doctor–and her connection to Clara in The Name of the Doctor has still not been explained. We’ve got a little under a month to see how this will play out and if she’ll meet the newest Doctor. Now, what number he’s supposed to be–12, 13, 14?–is a completely different matter altogether.

About notprolificnotprofound

Rachel Stewart has been obsessed about all things pop culture from an early age, but countsDoctor Who and Jem and the Holograms among her main obsessions. She blogs about her cosplay adventures at conventions, weekly geek-inspired outfits and whatever else takes her fancy at her blog notprolificnotprofound.

Commentary From Stormcage: The Night of the Doctor Makes The Internet Implode

By Rachel Stewart / notprolificnotprofound

November 23, 1963 might be the big day for Doctor Who fans, but November 14, 2013 will be a day etched in many people’s minds for years to come.

Not only was it Paul McGann’s birthday, it was the day he returned to the screen as the Doctor. BBC premiered the minisode, The Night of the Doctor in the early morning hours, and one minute in, Eighth Doctor fans we rewarded with Paul McGann’s Doctor strolling into a crashing ship, offering the rescue its pilot, Cass, only to have the ship crash and his TARDIS crash on Karn. Revived but near death, he is offered a controlled regeneration and asked to help end the Time War.

So why exactly is this so important?

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Commentary from StormCage: What the Rain Gods Brought Us

By Rachel Stewart / notprolificnotprofound

“That’s not a plan, that’s just hoping!” – River Song in the mini-episode Rain Gods

This week, River Song fans got a treat via the upcoming series 7 box set of Doctor Who: a mini-episode featuring River Song and the Doctor on a date in the rain. [Check out the clip here.]

The scene came from the original opening sequence of The Doctor’s Wife, written by Neil Gaiman, which was cut due budget concerns. It was then rescued and restored in comic form, only to morph into this mini-episode, under Steven Moffat’s direction. [In the original draft, much of River’s dialogue is spoken by Rory Williams. How’s that for timey wimey?]

So, why is this so important, you ask?
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Commentary from Stormcage: Top Five Cosplay Tips

By Rachel Stewart / notprolificnotprofound

Another Dragon*Con might have come and gone, but cosplay is year-round hobby for many, including myself. It’s not uncommon for me to be working on multiple cosplays at once, or be considering what characters or costumes I want to tackle next.

Tip 1: Research, research, research. As soon as I see a costume I want to cosplay, I search the Internet for screencaps or promotional images. Seeing an outfit’s details from every angle can help you whether you’re planning on tracking down a screen accurate item or buying and altering a similar garment. When using online forums, scan past posts and tags before asking questions. Many times your questions might already be answered if you’re cosplaying a popular character. [For Sherlock fans, Sherlockology has everything covered. Seriously. Everything.] Search for online tutorials to get ideas on how to make things, style your hair or wigs, or apply makeup. If you’re feeling gutsy and have the right information, you might even reach out to actual costume designer to inquire about a hard-to-identify piece. If you do, just be straightforward and polite in your request and thank them for their time. [What information they give you might rely on what they’re allowed to say or based on their memory of working on the project.]

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Commentary from StormCage: Regeneration + River Song

By Rachel Stewart / notprolificnotprofound

“This is the way the world ends

Not with a bang but a whimper.” — The Hollow Men, T.S. Eliot

When the clock strikes 12 for the Doctor this Christmas, will his favorite “bespoke psychopath” be by his side, or will Steven Moffat terminate what’s left of her time line? 

River Song is a character that tends to divide fans. Online, there seems to be a mix of hate and loathing for who River Song is and what she represents, while at conventions I’ve seen nothing but love. When Moffat introduced her back in series four of Doctor Who in the two-parter Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead, did he know all along what he was doing? I’d like to think so. And even though her story with Eleven has reached its natural end, with the Doctor finally admitting his love for her and acknowledging the loss of her at his tomb at Trenzalore, I’d love to see her pop up in Twelve’s timeline.

Oh yes, there’s no doubt that Eleven is her Doctor and they are very married. But if you read her diary entries presented throughout The Eternity Clock game, she has her “spotter’s guide” — and opinions — on all the Doctor’s incarnations. The only Doctor she can’t stand to meet initially is his first incarnation. She hears Susan’s voice and can’t deal with meeting his granddaughter, so she vortexes out. Based on this information, it makes perfect sense that River Song should show up in Twelve’s timeline. Continue reading “Commentary from StormCage: Regeneration + River Song” »