I’m Pissed About Star Wars: EU and (You Should Be, Too)


With the recent news of the Star Wars Expanded Universe no longer being considered ‘canon’ by the powers that be, I have only one thing to say:

You know enough to know you’ve said the wrong thing.

I’m totally serious, Disney: you’ve made a serious faux pas here, and anger is the result.  The Star Wars Expanded Universe has become a canon portion of Star Wars over the past 30 years and now you’re altering the deal.  The EU for me, and many other geeks, is something loveable and celebrated in its own right over the past 30 years of painstaking effort.  I don’t sit around praying you won’t alter the deal any further, now I’m looking for the exit sign.  For Disney to assure us that there will never be an Expanded Universe for us to enjoy on the screen, well, that’s another nail in the coffin of the entire franchise to me.
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