And The New Companion Is ….

In this age of social media, and the 24 hour news cycle, it is almost impossible for a television show to surprise its audience.  Sure, as fans, we all say we do not want to be spoiled, but in reality, when you love a show, you cannot help but be curious about what is going to happen, you cannot help but seek out spoilers.

As a result, producers, like  Steven Moffat, do their best to control the release of these spoilers.  But, try as they might, no one can keep such a big secret as who the companion will be.  That is why it was no surprise to find out that Sophia Myles will be coming back to Doctor Who as the new companion …. Wait!  What? No, strike that! Continue reading “And The New Companion Is ….” »

The Rose Colored Glasses of Rassilon

There is a universal phenomenon in fandom.  It is generically called retroactive continuity, but it has many names.  It is the effort to make sense of a story or plot point so that it will fit existing continuity.  It is an odd phenomenon, because it compels fans to find some way to save their favorite show from plot holes you could fly a starship through.  In Doctor Who fandom, I call it, the Rose Colored Glasses of Rassilon, and it is in full force when fans review The Doctor Who television movie from 1996.

Recently, I experienced this phenomenon while recording a podcast for The Articles of the Shadow Proclamation.  Over its nearly 50 year history, Doctor Who has never been absolutely faithful to continuity.  Just ask a long term fan how many origins there have been for the Loch Ness Monster or when exactly the UNIT stories took place.  So why does the 8th Doctor movie cause so many headaches?  I think it is because, for the longest time, this was the entire run for this Doctor, and as such people looked very closely at the movie trying to figure out all they could about this regeneration, and where the show might have gone had the movie spun off into a new series.  The show had been cancelled, or on a protracted hiatus for quite some time, and fans really hoped this movie meant the show was coming back. Continue reading “The Rose Colored Glasses of Rassilon” »