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Director’s Log Episode 5 – DEUS Interrupted+

Doctor Geek and friends have sure been in those time loops for quite a while, but the good news is...

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Episode 15” (S2E9”) -Differences Made Indeed+

In this episode we celebrate the life of Sacha Alexander Dzuba, The First Mister Creature.  He made our first season...

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Episode 15 Prime – Star Trek Anniversary+

With all the focus on time loops, is it possible that Doctor Geek and friends missed Star Trek’s Anniversary? Fear...

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Director’s Log Episode 4 – Into the Dream+

Our latest episode is now available.  After one too many time loops, Claire is able to get Doctor Geek and...

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Shall We Play A Game?+

Who is up for a game? This Dragon Con Scott and Debbie Viguie (Doctor Geek and Claire) have decided to...

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Doctor Geek’s Science Fair at Celebration FL+

Doctor Geek’s Science Fair has regenerated but don’t worry the moment has been prepared for.  On July 30th 2016 from...

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Director’s Log Episode 3 Planet of the Bunnies+

Doctor Geek’s busy day is made more complex by the revelation that somehow Professor Pedantic changed the past and now...

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Director’s Log Episode 2 – Window of Opportunity+

Doctor Geek just discovered the existence of the MacGuffinite crystals when the time-loop started all over again. This time to...

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Director’s Log Episode 1 – Let Your Imagination Sprout+

When we last heard from Doctor Geek and friends, they had just used the MacGuffin to put right what once...

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Doctor Geek’s Lab Season 2 CD Box Set+

It is a new year and that means one thing .. the release of the Doctor Geek’s Laboratory Season 2...

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