CasterQuest Ep 59: Valentine’s Day Fan Fiction!

I bet you thought we forgot to get you a Valentine’s day present, right? Well guess what- We love our listeners so much we decided to surprise them with a special Valentine’s Day themed fan fiction episode! Treat yourself to three terrible fanfiction reads. And keep in mind, as ALWAYS these fanfiction episodes are NSFW and 18+ due to explicit content and adult language.

In our first story, we make politics interesting by reading:
Make America Sexy Again” by: americalovesthecockpit

In our second story, Spongebob tries to get Squidward a Valentine’s Day date in:”Spongebob’s Valentines Day” by My Animated Imagination

In our third story we travel to South Park Colorado to find out who left Cartman a mystery Valentine in:
The Mystery Valentine” by Wedjat (Southpark)


CasterQuest Ep 58: What Have You Been Watching? #3

In episode 58 we host another episode of “What have YOU been watching?” We’ve been entertaining ourselves with all sorts of media, including a trip to PAX south!

In this episode, we talk “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”, new netflix series “A Series of Unfortunate Events”, “The Strain”, “Hell Boy”, “The Young Pope”, “Sing Street”, the panel “An Afternoon with Patrick Rothfuss” from PAX south, and Mandy’s new favorite podcast- “Hello From the Magic Tavern”!



CasterQuest Ep 57: WHYBW? Rogue One/ SW Rebels/ Trollhunters/ Star Vs/ Journey to the West

In Episode 57 we host another What Have You Been Watching?

Mandy and Xavier talk lots of Star Wars: Rogue One, Rebels, and Clone Wars. We also talk about Netflix series Trollhunters by Guillermo Del Toro, Animated series- Star vs The Forces of Evil, and one of Mandy’s favorite films- Journey to the West.



CasterQuest Ep56 Over the Garden Wall: Ch 10- “The Unknown”

Mandy and Xavier wrap up our review of the exceptional Cartoon Network mini-series “Over the Garden Wall” with a recap of chapter 10- “The Unknown“.

Will Greg and Wirt be able to escape the clutches of the Beast and return home? Is Beatrice cursed to be a bluebird forever? Will the Woodsman succumb to the darkness and sacrifice the children to keep the lantern lit? And what happened to everyone else..?
Find out!

We discuss the mystery of the black turtles, school you with Rock Facts, and share what we are working on for our future projects.



CasterQuest Ep55 Over The Garden Wall: “Babes in the Woods” & “Into the Unknown”

otgwMandy and Xavier return to our recap of “Over The Garden Wall” featuring episodes 8 & 9 “Babes in the Wood” and “Into the Unknown“. Mysteries unravel and darkness looms ever closer, interwoven with more fantastic music and child like wonderlands. We talk mixtapes, sibling rivalry, young love and much more!


CasterQuest Ep54 Over The Garden Wall ep 6-7 “Lullaby in Frogland” & “The Ringing of the Bell”


In episode 54 we venture back into the Unknown- returning to our “Over the Garden Wall” recaps, focusing on episodes 6-7 “Lullaby in Frogland” and “The Ringing of the Bell“. These are fantastic episodes featuring the voice talents of Elijah Wood, Collin Dean, Melanie Lynskey, Christopher Llyod, Jack Jones– with special appearances of John Cleese as Adelaide, and Tim Curry as Auntie Whispers!

Full of mystery, music, fun, Rock Facts, danger, and enchantment- join us on our Quest to explore “Over the Garden Wall” created by Patrick McHale, and Cartoon Network. Winner of 2 Emmys in 2015 for “Outstanding Animated Program” and “Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation“- this program will delight audiences of all ages.

Watch Over The Garden Wall.
Watch 1920’s animated film “Frogland” or “The Frogs Who Wanted a King


CasterQuest Ep 53: “The Killing Joke” part 2

Episode 53 cbatman-the-killing-joke-2016-movie-posterovers our second half of “The Killing Joke”. This portion of the film is a faithful adaption of the 1988 DC graphic novel written by Alan Moore.

In this episode, we recap the plot, discuss the Joker’s possible asexuality, whether doing things “by the book” actually work, our opinions on the animation, the Joker’s “Go Loony” song brought to life, and more.


CasterQuest Ep52 Batman Film Reviews: The Killing Joke Pt. 1

batman-the-killing-joke-2016-movie-posterMandy and Xavier examine the first half of “The Killing Joke” the animated adaption of the infamous 1988 graphic novel by Alan Moore. The first half of the film has been criticized as controversial for it’s portrayal of the backstory written in for Batgirl aka Barbara Gordon. We recap the first half of the film and share our opinions on it.

Stick around for part 2- covering the adaption of the graphic novel, coming soon.


CasterQuest Ep51 WHYBW? Steven Universe/Luke Cage/AHS/ Vice Principals

whybwcolorlogoIn Episode 51 Mandy and Xavier premiere a new CasterQuest feature- “What Have You Been Watching?” A laid back discussion of movies, tv shows, and books that have caught our attention.
In this episode, we discuss Cartoon Network animated hit- “Steven Universe“. We get spooked out with FX’s “American Horror Story“. We storm the streets with Marvel’s latest Netflix release, “Luke Cage“. We take flight with Dreamworks Animation Studios’ “How To Train Your Dragon” film series and compare the movies to the books, we wrap up the episode with our thoughts on HBO’s new comedy “Vice Principals“.


CasterQuest Ep 50 The Best of Quest pt 1

13119809_1611503539165566_3946213473548374212_oCasterQuest celebrates 50 episodes with our favorite clips, bits, and songs from all of our previous shows!
Part 1 includes Game of Thrones, Over The Garden Wall, The Name of the Wind, and movie reviews.

Part 2 includes our crossover episodes covering Star Wars, The Batman animated films, some of our favorite stories, special guests Morandir from “Mind of Morandir” podcast, and Justin Corbett of Comical Podcast  and Gray Bear Comics. We wrap things up with our favorite improv songs, and some history of CasterQuest, and where we hope our next 50 episodes will take us.
Thanks so much to all our listeners, and keep on Questin’!