Movie review: Does Academy Awards front-runner ‘La La Land’ live up to all the hype?

While technically any of the films nominated for “best picture” could take home that coveted statuette during the Academy Awards on Sunday night, the front-runner has long been viewed as “La La Land” (though don’t count out “Moonlight” just yet — it could very well pull off an upset). It’s easy to see why Academy voters have fallen head over heels for “La La Land” — it’s an old-fashioned musical with singing and dancing that hearkens back to the days of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. In many ways, the film is a love letter to the mythos of Hollywood, the magical land where you can follow your dreams and fall in love.

At least, that’s what the film looks like on its surface. Yet even as it celebrates the magic of Hollywood with grand song and dance numbers, it also offers a surprisingly realistic (and poignant) look at how Tinseltown isn’t always full of perfect “happily ever afters.” The film’s ultimate message is that while you shouldn’t give up on your dreams, you should also realize that sometimes life doesn’t work out exactly as we plan. Continue reading “Movie review: Does Academy Awards front-runner ‘La La Land’ live up to all the hype?” »

Seriously Dan: Season 4, Episde 3: Videodrome and Project Cosplay

Seriously Dan Carroll and Mary Lou Who discuss a few topics such as defriending on Facebook and Facebook connecting to World of Warcraft. We  admit to some shallowness and move on.   Jessica Perlove and I introduce a new segment called Intown living. This week we talk about VIDEODROME, the store (not the amazing namesake movie), one of the last bastions of video store gold left in the country and an Atlanta Tradition.  Finally, Candace Weslosky talks about the incestuous nature of Lips Down on Dixie and Project Cosplay, while Emma Loggins of Fanbolt Entertainment talks about why she believed in Project Cosplay enough to make it happen every monthy at Joystick Gamebar.


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Myopia: Defend Your Childhood – Episode 111: Hellboy (2004)

This week on Myopia: Defend your Childhood, we learned Ron Perlman has the greatest voice ever. We watched Hellboy, wait, Guillermo Del Toro? Perlman? How did they even get this cast?

How will you stand when we put your past on trial?

Host: Nicolas Hoffmann
Defendant: Madison
Panel: Matthew Quinn



Podcast S04 E002: Remembering Richard Hatch

Richard_HatchWe remember actor Richard Hatch, who passed away this past week. We talk about World of Warcraft Professions and additional content. Dan is EFFUSIVE in his praise for YouTube Creator BlueBear! Dan interviews and encourages Game Maker Chris Miller about his new game Collusion! It’s game of political intrigue and humor! Rita and JC De La Torre about their new film, Seekers of the Lost Worlds.

Co-host Mary Lou Who has opinions, and she something, something nonetheless persisted.

Lots of love for Dragon Con, Gotham, and the CW DC shows.

Chris Miller and Colusion!

Jason and Rita: Seekers of the Lost Worlds

Blue bear!


2017 movie preview

With the return of the Guardians, the rise of the Justice League, and (hopefully!) some answers about why Luke Skywalker has been hiding all alone on a deserted island, 2017 looks to be an epic year at the movies. We’ll see the next chapters in many well-loved film franchises and also some potential comebacks and breakout hits. Here are the top movies I’m keeping an eye on for this coming year. Continue reading “2017 movie preview” »

Mad Max: Fury Road “Black & Chrome” Edition review


Mad Max: Fury Road, directed by George Miller, was one of the biggest surprises of recent memory for me. I expected an unnecessary reboot to one of my favorite film trilogies. Instead, I got the pleasure of watching one of the best action films of all time and have watched it many times since its release. Fury Road is filled from start to finish with relentless, incredible action, shot with a reliance on practical effects, and unlike many other films with the genre, it’s also beautiful. Every frame is filled with a multitude of over-saturated colors which crank up the contrast, as opposed to the drab and colorless movies we often see these days. That’s why many fans were surprised when George Miller said “the best version of this movie is black and white, but people reserve that for art movies now.” Miller even went so far as to suggest the reason he had decided on the over-saturated color palette is because he knew Warner Brothers would never allow a black and white film in theaters. Continue reading “Mad Max: Fury Road “Black & Chrome” Edition review” »

Cigar Nerds Podcast Episode 57: GoldenEye Never Dies

The Cigar Nerds

Cigar Nerds Podcast Episode 57: GoldenEye Never Dies. Time for more 007, as we dive into part two of our James Bond Special. This time we take a look at the movies of Pierce Brosnan’s Bond, GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies,  The World is Not Enough, and DIe Another Day. In Science we discuss robot cops, nightmare machines, hot pot accidents, and the prediction that we only have 1000 years left. In Nerd News we talk about The Doctor Who Christmas Special, Skull Island, Inhumans TV show, and the Nintendo Classic. We also sample the CAO Amazon Basin and the Salty Scott. This episode is sponsored by Strikeforce Energy. Use promo code CigarNerds for 20% off your order.
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Movie review: ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ returns to J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world

fantastic-beasts-cast-xlargeBy Ashley Pauls/Box Office Buzz

Harry Potter fans assumed we had seen the last of J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world on the big screen after the release of “The Deathly Hallows: Part 2” in 2011. Harry Potter finally defeated the dark wizard Voldemort and found his happy ending. However, while Harry’s cinematic journey was done, Rowling still had wizarding stories to tell. She wrote a screenplay inspired by her fictional guide to the magical creatures of the Harry Potter universe, called “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” The new movie serves as a prequel of sorts to the Harry Potter stories, taking place in 1920s New York instead of the modern-day United Kingdom.

Former Hogwarts student Newt Scamander lands in New York City with a case of magical creatures that he can’t quite keep contained. Of course, several of these creatures get loose, and he has to enlist the help of two sisters who also have wizarding powers, as well as a somewhat overwhelmed No-Maj (the American word for “Muggle”). Four friends chasing magical creatures around the city would be a rather thin plot for a movie, so of course there’s more going on behind the scenes. As they search for the creatures, Newt and his friends stumble across a darker threat to the wizarding community. An “Obscurus,” a dark force that is created when magical children try to hide their powers, has been committing terrible acts, destroying buildings and even killing No-Majs. A key figure within the Magical Congress of the United States may also be trying to use the child’s powers for their own purpose. Continue reading “Movie review: ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ returns to J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world” »

Cautiously optimistic after trailer for live action Ghost in the Shell


Many feature films adapted from anime and manga series are slated for release in the coming years: Akira, Bleach, and Death Note just to name a few. First is Ghost of the Shell, a science fiction film adapted from the manga of the same name which helped pioneer the cyberpunk style and become one of the most popular anime properties of all time. The film was released in Japan in 1995 and many directors and films, including The Matrix, A.I., Avatar, Surrogates, and countless others, have been inspired by its iconic visual style and themes.

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