Welcome to this episode of #GameTalk by REC Level 3.
On this episode, we talk about Destiny 2 Beta, SuperHot PSVR, and What’s News!
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Whatcha been playing:
  • Stefano: starblood arena on psvr, Gow 3
  • Jess: Destiny 2 beta, Squad, Onward VR, Bullets & More, Pavlov VR
  • Ubisoft thanks player engagement for growth during an otherwise quiet Q1
  • New PuzzleScript variant DungeonScript lets you make your own dungeon crawler
  • Highmark Interactive nets $2M to create games that fight brain disease
  • Early game dev Carol Shaw donates dev docs to Women in Games exhibit
  • Altering player perception is a powerful design tool, says X-Wing Miniatures dev
  • 10 years of Kongregate game data suggests HTML5 games have arrived
  • Inaugural Xbox Live Creators Program games hit digital shelves
  • D&D’s New Digital Toolset Is A Convincing Argument Against Pen And Paper Purists
  • The Switch’s Phone-Enabled Voice Chat Is As Ridiculous As Expected
  • Ark: Survival Evolved Studio Reverses Plan To Wipe The Servers
  • Last Year’s CS:GO World Champions Still Haven’t Been Paid Their Prize Money
  • Rare NES Game Stadium Events Sells For Nearly $42,000
  • New Fighting Game Doesn’t Have An Official Name, But Fans Are Excited Anyway
  • BioWare General Manager Steps Down, Original Mass Effect Director Returning
  • This Giant, Breathtaking Game of Thrones Tapestry Weaves Through the Entire Series
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