Welcome to this episode of #GameTalk by REC Level 3.
On this episode we talk about Nintendo Switch Woes, Arizona Sunshine and What’s News!
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Nintendo Switch Woes
  • Cross Buy
  • Nintendo Store
  • Virtual console
Whatcha been playing:
Together: Star Trek, werewolves within, Arizona Sunshine
  • Stefano: batman vr, I touched my vita, gow 3, kayaking adventures
  • Jess: ARMA III, Rocket Wars, Dying Light, Pavlov VR, Bullets & More VR
  • After Winning $500M in lawsuit against Oculus, Zenimax wants more
  • Codename Entertainment Has a new D&D Game: Champions of the Forgotten Realms
  • Video Game Releases for July
  • The Year’s Biggest-Selling Games and  Hardware in Japan So Far
  • China extends lead as the world’s biggest video game market
  • Japanese console market grows for the first time in three years
  • Nintendo dismisses idea of entering resurgent PC market
  • How Super Mario Run’s lackluster sales are changing Nintendo’s mobile strategy
  • Super Mario Odyssey will never be ‘Game Over’
  • Breath of the Wild’s New DLC Has fans debating the Zelda Timeline Again
  • Ubisoft Removes Fourth of July Fireworks From Watch Dogs 2 After ‘Noise Complaints’
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