Welcome to this live episode of #GameTalk by REC Level 3 at MomoCon 2017! I’m Ryan Clayton, you can find me on twitter at Dunsskin

High five, I’m Jess Roberts and you can find me at Jroberts257 On this episode we talk about Gaming is Therapy, MomoCon 2017, and What’s News!

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Speaking of Twitch and Facebook, we’re there every Wednesday night at 9 PM EST/6 PM PST. And Now the show!


* Year one of rec level 3
* Year one of overwatch (coincidence?)

How games can be therapeutic

* Couch coop in games
* Social interaction online / people that don’t like crowds / DND -students
* VR for therapy
* Community / conventions

MomoCon 2017

* Vendor Area (pickle noir and kamakazi)
* Pc Gaming area
* Gaming floor and size expansion

Show Games

* figment (at home and show)(bedtime digital games)
* block shot champion
* brawlhalla (blue mammoth games)
* Guns of Icarus (muse games)
* Distance

Whatcha been playing:

* beat farpoint played coop with random
* dick Wilde
* Overwatch

* Far point
* Rainbow six siege

* Far point
* Horizon zero dawn
* Static psvr


* why cant destiny 2 run at 60fps on PS4
* Xbox games sub starts
* The colon brings battle royal to xbox
* Overwatch anniversary event
* Surprise counter strike update
* Battlefield one adds female soldier
* Far cry 6
* Red Dead Redemption 2 gets delayed
* Bloodstain only 20-30% done
* Ready at Dawn

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