A lot of potential coming out of Rift Raiders

What does it take to travel through space and time? A lot of work and preparation for starters, but don’t tell that to a trio of orphaned teens who find out their parents have been abducted by a time traveling madman. To find their parents wherever – and whenever they are, these three partner with a strange man who’ll provide them information if they steal rare antiquities for him.

That’s the story in the upcoming original graphic novel Rift Raiders, written by Mark Sable and illustrated by Julian Tedesco. Sable has been on a creative tear as of late, doing creator-owned work like Grounded, Fearless and Hazed while also doing work at both DC and Marvel. His last big project was the limited series Unthinkable from BOOM! Studios, and in this new project he’s reteaming with the artist of that, Tedesco, to tell this unique tale.

Read about the story here

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