We are back after a long delay.  Didja miss us? Didja notice?

Cineprov2017Topics for this week include:

  • Once Upon a Time…”I only watched the first season.”  (I have watched it all)
  • You’re the Worst…”It saved my life? Yep.”
  • Magicians: Reign With Magic
  • Why I was uncomfortable with Meg Ryan: she’s just so Dunwoody
  • An Interview with Larry Johnson of Cineprov!
  • Speaking of the worst…getting through the worst month of my life, BUT…coming out of it ready for the fight!
  • An Interview with Stephenie Goad and Kris Bolz of Nerdlanta
  • Dan’s new venture: The Neighborhood Studio

Cineprov: https://www.cineprov.com/

Cineprov is more than just a cheesy movie with jokes. Cineprov is a night out on the town…a live comedy experience…a great date night…a fantastic way to hang out with friends…and oh yes, a cheesy movie with jokes. Cineprov performs at the Plaza Theater on the first Thursday of each month, beginning March 2, 2017.

In August 2013, Cineprov hosted Joel Hodgson, Creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000 for his one man show and also to riff a movie with the troupe.

nerdlantaNerdlanta:  https://www.facebook.com/nerdlanta/

NerdLanta is a Live Talk Show at Joystick Gamebar. Hosted by Kristopher Bolz, and Stephenie Goad. It’s a Nerdy Job but someone’s gotta do it.

Regular contributors include Korey Epps, Kristen Avery, Katie Brittle, and Amanda the Zombie!


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