Special Guest Renee Cooper Joins Us to talk MomoCon! Also we chat about Underrated Open World Games, Dead Cells, & What’s News!

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Speaking of What’s News:

‘Mass Effect: Andomeda’ Update: Want the new outfit? You have to start a brand-new game

Valve and Pixvana Bring High-quality Adaptive VR Video to Steam, Beta Launches Today

Gordon Ramsay Will Say Mean Things To You In The New Version Of His Mobile Game

EA goes from cautious to “bullish” on Nintendo Switch support

Prey Runs Remarkably Well On My Wimpy Microsoft Surface Tablet

BioWare Montreal Scaled Down, Mass Effect Put On Ice For Now

Study: Most nongamers don’t know what Nintendo Switch is

Overwatch League Costs As Much as $15 Million to Acquire a Team Slot

EA expects 40% of industry-wide game sales to be digital this year

Google acquires Job Simulator dev Owlchemy Labs

PlayStation picks up former Lionhead studio director Stuart Whyte


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