The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Green Lantern 2011 Re/watch

Welcome my new re/watch series!!!

This is the first of many new segments I’m hoping to produce this year. The idea about the re/watch series podcast is to look back at a movie especially one that I hated at first viewing. The goal is to do research about the production and get behind the scenes information about the movie and then to re/watch it with fresh new eyes.

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The Earth Station DCU Episode 24 – Super Sized Thanksgiving Special

Join Drew Leiter and Cletus Jacobs as we discuss…

DC News

Green Arrow #11

Green Lanterns #11

Superman #11

Trinity #3

Nightwing #9

Supergirl S2 EP6

Flash S3 EP6

Arrow S5 EP7

Legends of Tomorrow S2 EP6
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Epi. 85: Collection Connection – Seducing The Innocent

Collection Connection

This week Josh and Drew go waaaay back into comic collecting history to chat about the landmark book, The Seduction of the Innocent. The book written by Fredric Wertham. The book led to congressional hearings and nearly shut down the comic industry. Until, the industry got together and developed a way to self-police.

Also, reactions to Captain America: Civil War and the toys that followed.

Plus, Drew discussed reading Green Lantern: The Blackest Knight

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Transmissions From Atlantis 67 – Harry Potter Bombshell, Twilight Breaking Dawn and A Doctor Who Pre-quel

Transmissions From Atlantis returns with the fusion of three major fandoms. First, we talk the big JK Rowling Harry Potter bombshell, then we review Twilight Breaking Dawn and follow that up with news about a possible Doctor Who Pre-quel in development called A Wild Endeavor. Plus we give you the latest on Star Mage, Supernatural and Batman vs. Superman. We also review the Eighth Doctor audio adventure Stones of Venice. All this and much more on episode 67 of Transmissions From Atlantis.

Line-Up and Links after the jump!

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Don’t worry—that big screen Flash movie ain’t dead yet

The Flash movie isn't dead ... yetBy Don Kaye, Source:

We haven’t heard much about that Flash movie in recent months, but don’t worry: the Scarlet Speedster’s big screen debut has not been consigned to movie studio limbo yet.

The Flash was one of the major DC characters expected to be rolled out as part of an effort by Warner Bros. Pictures (which owns the comic book giant) to create its own onscreen universe similar to what Marvel has been doing for the last five years.

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Sheldon Moldoff 1920-2012

Comic artist Sheldon Moldoff has passed away. Shelly’s career spanned over five decades, working primarily for DC Comics. “Shelly” was the primary penciller on Detective Comics and Batman from 1953 to 1968. He was THE Batman comic artist during the run of the popular series featuring Adam West and Burt Ward. Moldoff is credited with creating the characters of Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze. He also provided covers for a number of other DC Comics, including Flash Comics #1 (first appearance of Jay Garrick) and All-America Comics #16, which introduced the world to Green Lantern (Alan Scott).

Condolences to his friends and family.

ESO encourages folks to check out some of his cover art at ComicBookDB.

Justice League: Doom. A Rant.

After watching the new DC animated feature, Justice League: Doom, I find myself bursting with nerd rage. I should make this clear up front that this isn’t going to be a fair and balanced review. This is an outlet for me to express my malcontent. If I step back, turn my brain off and forget all that has come before, Justice League: Doom isn’t that bad…but I can’t turn this pesky brain off!

Spoilers ahead

Doom is a cross between the Mark Waid story Tower of Babel and a generic Legion of Doom tale—as anyone who wants to see this film so close to it’s release date probably already knows. DC has been on a tear of adapting comic runs to animated features lately. I’m not a fan. I would much prefer original stories to rehashing the archives, but they didn’t ask me. Over all, their previous ventures stayed pretty true to the source material. Doom not so much. I’d argue each deviation from the Tower of Babel is a mark against the movie. In fact, I will argue it.

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10 To Watch in 2012: Television

DC Nation Among the top 10 TV shows to look forward to
by Chris Arrant, Newsarama Contributor, Source:;

In the past decade, television has gone through a renaissance. While formulaic situation comedies still exist, there’s been a marked rise in the number of quality television programs both on network and cable television. We’ve seen genre shows like Lost, Battlestar Galactica and Deadwood spring up and raise the bar for what’s possible and many new shows have followed in their path. Continue reading “10 To Watch in 2012: Television” »

Sony Preps Green Lantern Expansion For “DC Universe Online”

Green Lantern Kicks the DCU's ButtBy CBR News

While Sony Online Entertainment’s “DC Universe Online” has received its fair share of updates over the past few months, it will finally get its first big downloadable content pack later this summer when the power of the Green Lantern Corps shines down upon the massive multiplayer action game.

The pack, sub-titled “Fight For the Light,” features an abundant amount of goodies ripped straight from the Green Lantern universe, including new power-ups for heroes and villains alike, along with additional Green Lanterns, including Kyle Rayner, Sinestro and Guy Gardner.

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Warner Bros. to Pursue ‘Green Lantern’ Sequel

More Green Lantern in our future.. I guess Pamela McClintock, for the Hollywood Reporter

Warner Bros. is already planning a sequel to Ryan Reynolds’ superhero pic Green Lantern, despite the film’s soft performance at the box office.

Sources say Warners still believes in the franchise, even if the studio is “somewhat disappointed” with Green Lantern’s result.

Over the weekend, Green Lantern fell a steep 66% at the domestic box office, grossing $18.4 million for a cume of $89.3 million. That’s a big decline.

Warner Bros. president of domestic distribution Dan Fellman said the movie is settling in, pointing out that fanboy pics often see a significant drop-off in their second weekends.

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