Iron Fist


Metal Geeks 126: Iron Fisting Geekery+

Join your hosts Cary the Metal Geek and George Tripsas for a journey into pop culture and metal as topics...

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PCC Multiverse Episode Eight+

On this episode of the PCC Multiverse Josh Pederson and I look deeper into Sony’s decision to branch off a...

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The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Scifi News for 3/17/2017+

Sorry for the delay but here’s your Scifi News for March 17.

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Metal Geeks 124: Connoisseur Of Geekery+

Joining the Metal Geeks crew this week is Sean the Metal Pigeon from MSRcast, as we Lego Batman, Get Out,...

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Metal Geeks 109:+

Joining your hosts this week is Justin from Comical Podcast as they dive into topics ranging from San Diego Comic...

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Earth Station MCU Episode 42: Agents of SHIELD “Inside Man”+

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Earth Station MCU Episode 35: Agent Carter, “Better Angels”+

One of the hallmarks of Agent Carter’s first season was its willingness to look at gender issues during its period...

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Earth Station MCU Episode 32: Agents of SHIELD “Closure” and “Maveth”+

John and Jen are back with the final two Agents of SHIELD episodes of 2015! What will these events mean...

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Earth Station MCU Episode Sixteen: Agents of Shield “The Dirty Half Dozen”+

Coulson’s gotten the band back together! In this episode leading into Age of Ultron, we have the original SHIELD team...

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Erth Station One Episode 5 – This Time We Kick-Ass+

Erth Station One returns this week with news commentary and a review of The Time of Angels, the fourth episode...

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