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The Pro Wresting Roundtable Episode 59 Pro Wrestling Time Machine: Wrestlemania 23+

The guys jump into the wrestling time machine to go back 10 years & look at Wrestlemania 23. It was...

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The Pro Wrestling Roundtable Episode 51 – Talking About The Talkers+

The Pro Wrestling Roundtable is back with a show where we talk about the talkers of wrestling. John, Richard, &...

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The ESO Pro Wrestling Roundtable Episode 30 – Pro Wrestling Time Machine: Great American Bash 1988+

Join “Surreal” John Neal, “The Whirlpool” Richard Ewell (www.rtewellwrites.blogspot.com), “Scary” Jerry Chandler (www.needlessthingssite.com), “Millions” Jonathan Williams (www.wrestlingwithpopculture.com) as they hop...

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The ESO Pro Wrestling Roundtable Ep 25 – What Is My Charisma?+

John “Gorgan” Neal and Richard “The Jewel” Ewell are joined by “Cosmopolitan” Jonathon Williams to discuss the ellusive intangiable quality...

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ESO Pro Wras’lin Roundtable Episode 5 – Drafting the Global Force Wrestling Roster+

Jeff Jarrett announced the formation of Global Force Wrestling just days after Wrestlemania XXX, but now months later, he still...

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