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PCC Multiverse Episode Ten+

On this week’s episode, we talk how JRPG’s have found their way back into the mainstream. We also look at...

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Pop Culture Cosmos Episode Eleven+

On this week’s episode, Josh Pederson, author of Vendetta Dark and Gerald Glassford discuss  the upcoming Fantastic beasts and where...

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The Ratchet RetroCast Episode 27 – The Neverending Podcast+

Ladies and Gentlemen, be prepared for the biggest case of false advertising thanks to the title of this episode. Delve...

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Ratchet Retrocast Episode 14 – There is no RetroCast, Only Pool+

Welcome to the Ratchet Poolcast! Travelling back in time to July, we follow Ratchet’s long-standing conspiracy about the pool episode...

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Next on ESO…+

Next week, the Earth Station One crew boldly marches straight into Mordor as we bring to a close The Lord...

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Next on Earth Station One .. The Two Towers+

Next week, Earth Station One’s Countdown to Halloween continues! The ESO Crew hits the trail once again as we continue...

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Earth Station One Episode 128 – Hiking Through Middle-Earth: ESO Takes on The Fellowship of the Ring+

Join the ESO crew as we begin the countdown to the first chapter of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit by reviewing...

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Next on Earth Station One…+

Next week, the Fellowship of ESO travels through the heart of Middle Earth as we take a look back at...

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LEGO announces deal to reimagine ‘The Hobbit’ universe+

by Jeff Labrecque, Source:EW; For years now, LEGO-playing fans of Tolkien’s universe have been forced to re-enact their favorite Middle-earth...

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That Candy Land movie will be like LOTR … but with candy. Really.+

Ever heard the phrase “Two great tastes that taste great together”? While we’re not certain it applies here, you’ve got...

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