Peter Capaldi

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The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Scifi News for 7/28/2017+

Another Monster Scifi Show Podcast makes its way to your ears. As always, what are the “BIG” 3 new items...

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Terminus Podcast — Episode 27 – Dryadic Doodlebugs: Knock Knock+

Hello everyone! And welcome any new listeners! So, my episode reviewing ‘Knock Knock’ is finally here! And this time around...

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Terminus Podcast — Episode 26 – Creature Comforts: Smile and Thin Ice+

Greetings Earthlings! This is Narco, from the planet Vicodin. The human in charge of this podcast has just been released...

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Terminus Podcast — Episode 25 – Starchild!: The Pilot+

So, my episode reviewing ‘The Pilot’ is finally here! Yes, there were some technical errors and issues (quite a few),...

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Terminus Podcast — Episode 24 — The Ghost of Love and Wishes: The Return of Doctor Mysterio+

I’m back! Yes, another (unexpected) hiatus down and here I am again! Yeah, as I say in my introduction, I’ve...

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TV preview: Changes ahead for ‘Doctor Who’ with launch of latest season+

Let the countdown begin! The latest season of “Doctor Who,” the BBC’s hit TV show about a time traveler in...

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Terminus Podcast — Episode 23 — Random Fandom Episode Generator: The Fires of Pompeii: Smoke. Chickens. Chaos.+

Just on the tail end of a American Thanksgiving celebrations and chaos, here is the newest episode of ‘Terminus’, wherein...

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Terminus Podcast — Episode 19 – Finest Exploding Restaurants: The Husbands of River Song+

On this belated episode, I indulge in some Andrew Cartmel love, I lament a bit about my current state of...

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Terminus Podcast — Episode 18 – Sad and Beautiful: End of S9 Review+

  I’ve long heard tales from other podcasters of ‘cursed’ episodes that have either been lost to time or were...

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Earth Station Who Episode 121 – Series 9 Wrap Up+

From the opening guitar riffs to the closing cloister bells of the TARDIS, Series 9 was a symphonic mixture of...

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