‘Vic Challenger’ Book Review By Ron Fortier+

VIC CHALLENGER – FAST! By Jerry Gill Ann Darrow Co. 203 pages ( The old adage about not judging a...

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The Rogue re-watch: Taking a second look at ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’+

“Rogue One,” the first of the Star Wars anthology films, was released on home video earlier this month after a...

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‘The Body Snatchers Affair’ Book Review By Ron Fortier+

THE BODY SNATCHERS AFFAIR A Carpenter & Quincannon Mystery By Marcia Muller & Bill Pronzini Forge Books 219 pages This...

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Movie review: Live action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ a charming adaptation of the animated classic+

Although Disney’s recent trend of turning its animated classics into live action adaptations could be seen as a bit of...

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Movie review: Return of the king – ‘Kong: Skull Island’ offers old-fashioned monster movie fun+

King Kong has been a Hollywood staple since the 1930s, a hallmark of the golden age of monster movies. Although...

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Movie review: ‘Logan’ a satisfying final ride for X-Men’s Wolverine+

It’s hard to believe it’s been close to 20 years since the original “X-Men” was released in theaters, and now,...

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‘Quarry In The Black’ Book Review By Ron Fortier+

QUARRY IN THE BLACK By Max Allan Collins Hard Case Crime 209 pages Release Date – Oct 4, 2016 Regardless...

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Movie review: Does Academy Awards front-runner ‘La La Land’ live up to all the hype?+

While technically any of the films nominated for “best picture” could take home that coveted statuette during the Academy Awards...

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Movie review: ‘The Lego Batman Movie’ offers plenty of colorful, entertaining mayhem+

We’ve seen many incarnations of Batman since he first made the jump from the comic book page to the screen....

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TV review: So long, ‘Sherlock’? Thoughts on the fourth (and maybe final) season of the BBC show+

I’ve been a huge fan of “Sherlock” — and its star, Benedict Cumberbatch — since the beginning. I joke that...

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