The 42cast Episode 15: The Fourth Defender+

This is it, the fourth Netflix series co-produced with Marvel, which introduced the last of the four characters that they’d...

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Cigar Nerds Podcast Episode 73: Murphy’s Law+

Cigar Nerds Podcast Episode 73: Murphy’s Law. This week we’re heading to Old Detroit and celebrating 30 years of Robocop....

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CasterQuest Ep73 4th of July Fanfiction Extravaganza III+

Celebrate America’s Independence with the return of CasterQuest’s annual 4th of July Fanfiction Extravaganza! Listen as we struggle through 4...

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The 42cast Episode 8: Apocalyptic Teenage Dreams+

Ever wonder what’s been going on with all these novels and movies about teenagers living in apocalyptic scenarios? So do...

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The ESO Pro Wrestling Roundtable Episode 31 – Hollywood Invades Wrestling+

Join John Neal, Richard Ewell, Jonathan Williams, and Bryan Silverbax as they go to Hollywood and discuss the connections between...

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Movie review: Does ‘RoboCop’ successfully reboot 1980s classic?+

By Ashley Bergner Box Office Buzz Not as good as it could have been, but not as bad as it...

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Liked the original RoboCop? Then you might not like the new one+

By Matthew Jackson, Source: When it comes to his upcoming reboot of RoboCop, Brazilian director Jose Padilha said he’s...

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Robocop remake kicks into gear—but NOT with Darren Aronofsky+

It seems like everything’s coming up Robo: First, Detroit’s original cyborg policeman, Peter Weller, comes out in favor of a...

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Will MGM bankruptcy pave the way for a RoboCop TV series?+

We’ve been rooting for MGM to sort out its financial woes, mostly so there could be some forward motion on...

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