‘Circle City Shakedown’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

(A Phillip Chandler Mystery)
By Bill Craig
Whiz Bang LLC
274 pgs

Bill Craig can knock out a half dozen crime thrillers faster than most established writers can do one. The amazement is, they are all damn good books. With “Circle City Shakedown,” first released in 2014, he starts a brand new series featuring a former U.S. Deputy Marshal named Phillip Chandler who has come to Indianapolis to start his new career as a private investigator.
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‘Stunt-Man’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

Stunt Man Book Reveiw By Ron FortierSTUNT-MAN
The Autobiography of Yakima Canutt
With Oliver Drake
Walker Publishing Company
Published 1979
237 pages

Having been a fan of the movie serials for most of my life, I was familiar with Yakima Canutt; considered by many to be the most famous stunt man of them all. Sometime in 1979, film critic Leonard Maltin reviewed Canutt’s autobiography, “Stunt Man,” co-written with biographer Oliver Drake. I recall at the time wanting very much to pick up a copy and read it. Alas, that never happened and decades later, the only place to find a copy was on E-Bay if one was willing to pay an exuberant, over inflated price. I pretty much resigned myself to never realizing that old wish. Then, much to my amazement and delight, my daughter Michelle gave me a beat up old library copy she’d gone on-line to purchase it for me as a Christmas gift several years ago.
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‘Circling The Runway’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

Circling the Runway Book Review By Ron FortierCIRCLING THE RUNWAY
A Jake Diamond Mystery
By J.L. Abramo
Down & Books
242 pgs

We generally do not enjoy books wherein the writer moves back and forth between first and third person narratives. Most of the time these shifts are jarring in that the reader, safely ensconced in the hero’s personality finds themselves tossed out of that mindset into a detached world vision…and then back again. But as all things, there are exception to the rules and writer J.L. Abramo proves to be such; at least to this reviewer.
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‘Barbarians on Bikes’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

Barbarians on Bikes Book Review By Ron FortierBARBARIANS ON BIKES
Bikers & Motorcycle Gangs in Men’s Pulp Adventure Magazines
Edited by Robert Deis & Wyatt Doyle
A New Texture Book
116 pgs

Even since appearing on the pulp scene a few years ago, Robert Deis and Wyatt Doyle have done a truly wonderful job of educating the reading public about the evolution of pulp magazines into the post-World War II Men’s Adventure Magazines (MAMS) that proliferated across the drugstore racks between the 50s and 70s.
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‘Singularity’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

Singularity Book Review By Ron Fortier
Rise of the Posthumans
Edited by Jaime Ramos & Wayne Carey
Pro Se Press
164 pgs.

Shared world anthologies are always fascinating and at the same time a really challenge to pull off properly. In this wonderful book from Pro Se Press, editors Jaime Ramos and Wayne Carey have created a post-apocalyptic England controlled by a despotic Queen in which humanity begins to arise from the ashes. Still a poisonous gas called the Creeping Green covers the land and people have to wear protective gas masks and goggles when out and about. A group of resistance fighters begins to appear; each with his or her back story and some with enhanced abilities. These are their stories.
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‘The Midnight Guardian’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

The Midnight Guardian book review by Ron Fortier
(Hour of Darkness)
By John C. Bruening
Flinch! Books
408 pages

The traditional classic pulp novels that appeared in the 30s magazines generally ran 60,000 words. In them one would find a fast paced narrative that would explode across the pages in colorful, purple prose. Over time many of these tales were reprinted in paperbacks and continued to be labeled as novels. Whereas in truth, they were actually novellas that once took up the main portion of a monthly periodical that also featured two to three additional shorts to fill them out. We raise this topic because over the years, most novels coming from the big New York publishers grew to well over 120,000 words and were easily distinguishable from their pulp paperback cousins. Of course this ultimately led to the over-written, padded monstrosities we are cursed with today and the dwindling sales margins have forced big time publishers to demand “bigger” books. But that’s a whole other topic for another time.
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‘Crimson Shore’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

'Crimson Shore' Book Review By Ron FortierCRIMSON SHORE
A Pendergast Novel
By Preston & Child
Grand Central Publishing
370 pages

Whenever people ask us what is the best New Pulp Fiction being published today, we’ll invariably point them to the Agent Pendergast novels by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. In the same way Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt is a modern interpretation of the classic pulp hero, Doc Savage, FBI Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast is our Shadow. We first became aware of this series when years ago a dear friend sent us copies of “Still Life With Crows” and “The Cabinet of Curiosities,” two of the early entries, as a Christmas gift. Thus leaving us with a debt we’ll never be able to completely repay. That we instantly were enamored with Pendergast and his world would be a gross understatement.
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‘Sherlock Holmes – Domino Lady’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

Edited by Joe Gentile
Moonstone Press
120 pages

Normally we don’t care for “hybrid” publications. By that we refer to books that have comics strips and prose stories mixed together between two covers; neither a full out graphic novel or a traditional prose anthology. And yet, as the old saying wisely dictates, for every rule there is always an exception. “Sherlock Holmes – Domino Lady” from Moonstone Press is that oh so rare, wonderful exception.
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‘The Immorality Engine’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

The Immorality Engine Book Review By Ron Fortier
By George Mann
Tor Books
347 pages

It would be nice if publishers were uniform in how they dispensed their titles to reviewers but alas, that is not the case. Rather they simply hand copies to various marketing associates in their home offices and these men and women mail out the books to their individual lists of reviewers. Which is why, after having send us “The Executioner’s Heart,” the fourth book in the Newbury & Hobbes Investigation series (which we absolutely loved and reviewed months ago), we were then gifted with third installment, “The Immorality Engine.”
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‘Tales From The Flip-Side’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

Tales From the Flip Side Book Review By Ron Fortier
The Adventures of Big Daddy Cool & The Bombshell Kittens
By John Pyka
Pros Se Press
169 pages

When our colleague and fellow reviewer, Tommy Hancock, handed us a copy of this book and said, “It has everything from Nazis vampires to flying cars!” We knew instantly we were in for a real pulp treat. And of course Tommy right. Enough so for that to have become an understatement.
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