South Park

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Metal Geeks 140: Micro-Transaction Geekery+

Topics include: Thor Ragarok, The Disaster Artist, South Park Fractured But Whole, Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Odyssey, Lego Marvel Super...

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PCC Multiverse Episode Forty+

Thor Ragnarok hits the big screen in the US and we are discussing our hopes for Marvel’s latest entry plus...

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Metal Geeks 139: Spooky Geekery+

Topics include: The Orville, Stephen King’s It, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Blade Runner 2049, Middle Earth: Shadow Of War, South...

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Metal Geeks 121: 2016 Rewind Geekery+

The Metal Geeks return for 2017 with our annual Rewind episode as Cary the Metal Geek, Brutal Dave, George and...

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‘South Park’ renewed for three more seasons+

by James Hibberd, Source: Just when fans started to worry that Trey Parker and Matt Stone might be ready...

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