Flopcast 250: Raiders of the Lost Marx

Flopcast episode 250! Kevin returns to his old stomping grounds of Woonsocket, Rhode Island for a frighteningly close encounter with 1980s pop icon (and our personal hair hero) Richard Marx. (Yes, he was right there waiting, and yes, we should’ve known better… yikes, these Richard Marx references are becoming something of a hazard… ’twas a great concert nevertheless.) Not knowing when to quit, Kevin then makes a second visit to Rhode Island, this time to see The Mads (that is, Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Frank and Trace, who brought along a goofy old movie, believe it or not). And along the way, we just might run into a member of our favorite synthpop band, and discover the Golden Chicken award. Meanwhile, Kornflake has her latest podcast recommendation (featuring science, and grit, and barking people), and teaches us about Single Tasking Day. (Single tasking is way more effective than multi-tasking — especially if, like us, you lack the wisdom of a wombat.)

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Flopcast 249: The Kookaburra Chronicles

Flopcast episode 249! In honor of Champion Crab Races Day, we recall weird pet hermit crabs, weird comic book ads for Crazy Crabs, and weird late night calls for crab rangoon. And to keep a weird animal theme running through the whole show, we also have a lobster-inspired round of “What’s in the Bag,” and Kornflake reports on her visit to Zoo Creatures in Plaistow, New Hampshire. Stop by and make friends with the goats, eels, snakes, skinks, a turkey, and yes, a kookaburra. (A little touch of Australia in the Granite State; Air Supply would be so proud.)

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The Pro Wrestling Roundtable Episode 45 – Love Is In The Ring

The Pro Wrestling Roundtable Ep 45Hey folks, love is in the air and in the ring as the roundtable crew take a look at couples in the ring. That’s right, with Valentine’s day right around the corner we wanted to take a look at the many great and not so great couples that wrestling has presented over the many years. Of course as always John, Richard, and Jonathan are in on the discussion as the one and only Joe Crowe joins in on a fun discussion. They talk everything from, of course, the first couple of professional wrestling Macho Man & Miss Elizabeth all the way to Dolph & Vickie while even Chuck & Billy get a mention.
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Transmissions From Atlantis 119 – Capaldi Leaves Who and the Lost Legends


We are back Ladies and Gents and not a moment too soon. There’s big news in the Whoniverse as Peter Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who. We talk about his departure and who might be next to step into the TARDIS. We also give our thoughts on the passing of the legendary Carrie Fisher and John Hurt. Plus rapid fire – featuring Lucifer, Lemony Snicket, Voltron and so much more!

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Flopcast 248: Be Princess Leia

Flopcast episode 248! It’s time to review our long crazy day at the Boston Women’s March! (The ride into the city was crazy enough; all 175,000 marchers squished into the same subway car, or so it seemed…) Lots more friends of the Flopcast were out that day too, both in Boston and throughout the world… but the only familiar face we found in the crowd was Keytar Bear. (A bear playing a keytar does tend to stand out…) And in an effort to be completely exhausted, we also attended the ACLU benefit after-party, with awesome performances by Stars Like Ours, Carissa Johnson, and Petty Morals. (Did the whole night end with an appropriate George Michael cover? But of course.) Plus: Listener feedback from last week’s Top 4 ½ List of doctors! (Yikes, we missed some big ones.) And Kornflake reminds us to celebrate Plimsoll Line Day, because these may not be good times, but you still have to keep your head above water. (See, no matter how bad things get, we’ll just keep making sitcom references…)

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Flopcast 247: Doctor Doctor

Flopcast episode 247! After a brief but vital discussion about hula dancing in the winter (we highly recommend a weather-resistant adhesive for your coconut bikini), Kevin and Kornflake present a Top 4 ½ List of our favorite doctors. Plenty of Muppets are on the list (you’d be surprised how many puppets and cartoon characters are licensed medical professionals), as well as doctors from Star Trek, The Krofft Supershow, Lost in Space, and even some doctor songs. (Apparently Doctor Worm is NOT a real doctor. But he’s still on the list, and his drumming is getting better.) But if we missed your favorite doctor (because yikes, there are a bunch of them), let us know! We look forward to all those cards and letters from angry Whovians…

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The 2017 Dragon Con Khan Report Episode 1

The 2017 Dragon Con Khan Report Ep 1
It’s 2017, and a brand new Dragon Con awaits a little more than 200 days from now. Mike, Mike, Darren Nowell, Mary Lou Who, Nikki Rau Baker, and Dakoma Sanchez discuss some of the changes that are already scheduled for this year’s con and programming we’d like to see in the future. Plus, tips from Eternal Zan, Michelle Biddix-Simmons, and Kevin Bachelder. Start your engines, the road to Dragon Con starts here!
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Flopcast 246: Turn On Your Flop Light

Flopcast episode 246! Kevin is back from Arisia (Boston’s big science fiction convention, held in the middle of winter, to eliminate the weak), with a full report including cosplayers, birdwatchers, bad science, a parade of wet singing people, and some Foxes in the Hen House. Meanwhile Kornflake is preparing for MarsCon (also a science fiction convention, but in Minnesota, where they must think our Boston winters are just adorable). And this year, MarsCon’s Dementia Track (a whole weekend of comedy music concerts) will feature as Guest of Honor… Judy Tenuta! Prepare to surrender to the Love Goddess. We also recommend a couple of MarsCon-related fundraisers, and we suspect that Kornflake’s MarsCon Dementia Water Aerobics class will be ruined by Neil Diamond. As Judy says, it could happen.

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The 42cast Episode 1: Press Start to Continue

42cast_logoThis is it, the first ever, action packed episode of The 42cast, your Ultimate Answer to Fandom, Geekiness, and Everything. We’re a group of podcasters who love talking about geeky subjects. Each week we’re going to come to you with a new topic from the geekisphere. We may talk about a movie, TV show, comic book, video game, novel, trends that we see in fandom or we may even do an interview. The main thing is talking about the things that we love and having fun doing it. Continue reading “The 42cast Episode 1: Press Start to Continue” »


Flopcast 245: Farewell, Schneider

Flopcast episode 245! It’s time for our annual memorial show, as we look back on those we lost in 2016, and knock back shots of coffee and/or water (you know, the hard stuff) in their honor. We remember the big ones, of course, like David Bowie, George Michael, and Prince (not to mention a certain Princess). But yikes, there were so many more, including old TV favorites like Grizzly Adams, Mrs. Brady, Henry from Punky Brewster, Mr. Carlin from The Bob Newhart Show, and yeah, Schneider from One Day at a Time. (If you want to walk around today wearing a tool belt and a weird little mustache, we’ll understand.) We also cover people from music, comics, animation, wrestling, science… and we had to include a whole Star Wars category. Will even Kevin, Kornflake, and The Mayor of Chickentown survive this, the longest episode in Flopcast history? Let’s find out. Then we’ll go forward. Because that’s what Abe Vigoda would have wanted.

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