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This is Dan Carroll, Seriously, Dan, coming to you with the next of a 10 part series that will take us through the summer of 2016! Our podcasts this summer will be focused on talking about my favorite things about the amazing friends, family, and colleagues in my life. This all started with a Facebook post that I put on my wall May 14, 2016. It reads like this:

Hey, Folks… am going to do the podcast about how I know some of ya’ll. So I need as many friends as possible to agree to this by commenting on this post. School chums, Jersey Friend, navy folks. Dragon Con friends and family, co-workers, small convention folks…anyone. I will write a story about each of you that I actually know. If we have never met…i will admit that.

THESE WILL NOT BE HOW WE MET…just what I think is wonderful about you


Hey, Folks…i am going to do the podcast about how I know some of ya'll. So I need as many friends as possible to…

Posted by Dan Carroll on Friday, May 13, 2016

So I give you stories about 22 of the best people I know. Next time I will give you 21 more…I will continue doing this until I am done. Which I feel will end up being August 2016.

Just one note. I sometimes forget people’s name, mispronounced people’s name, or stammer and forget what I am talking about. If I mispronounce your name or activity…please forgive me. I am doing the best I can. I am not being malicious or careless … just moving along.

Today’s wonderful people!

  • Christina Wert
  • Shaun Washington
  • Heather Ulsh
  • Carrie Tupper
  • Shanni Townsend
  • Kiba Silverman
  • Amber Satterfield
  • Jennifer Reeves
  • Jen Pawley
  • Chris Lloyd
  • Hillary Lipko
  • Evee Hunnel
  • Taylor Hall
  • James Garner
  • Zedith Drane
  • Spencer Cullom
  • Anne Chance
  • Stephen Bare
  • Puvithel Angelynn Rajan
  • Illa Anastasia
  • Bryan A. Espinoza

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