Sacha Dzuba became an official member of the Oncoming Storm just over a year into it’s existence, but he’d been an unofficial member since the beginning. He was our first ‘guest star’, completely supportive of the idea from the start, and the first person we thought of when we expandedtos-logo-ep-187 the roster. He was family, and he will be missed. This episode is dedicated to him.

Honestly, there’s not much to say this week. The Oncoming Storm has lost one of it’s own this week, and we’re devastated. Sacha hasn’t been on the show for well over a year due to his schedule and health issues, but he has remained a member of our dysfunctional family and we were expecting his return sooner rather than later. Sadly, Sacha passed away on 11/14/2016, due to complications during surgery. Episode 187 then, is dedicated entirely to the memory of Sacha Dzuba. Josh, Ashley, Rachel, and Jeff first come together to say a few things about their friend, and then because it’s what he would have wanted, they spend two hours deep in geeky Doctor Who conversation. They cover Enemy of the Daleks by David Bishop, Psychodrome by Jonathan Morris, Fallen Angels by Phil Mulryne, and in an unfair twist of fate, Absent Friends by John Dorney. The Oncoming Storm… This time, we’ve got a lot of tears. We miss you already Sacha.

Time Stamps

Tribute to Sacha – 2:28

News – 17:40

Enemy of the Daleks – 40:15

Psychodrome – 1:08:03

Fallen Angels – 1:35:45

Absent Friends – 2:04:50


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