2017 is finally here! We hope you’re enjoying the new year as much as we are. To celebrate the new year, why don’t you sit down and relax with us as we venture into another little English village? Don’t mind all the aliens, they’re here to help.

And we’re back! Hope everyone had a great holiday. We here at Oncoming Storm HQ all had a wonderful break, but there was one thing missing… heated Doctor Who discussion! Josh, Ashley, Rachel, and Jeff are once more headed into that depth, with some discussion about Return of the Living Dad by Kate Orman. Benny finally finds out what happened to her father, and calls on the Doctor to track him down! Lots of disputed points in this episode, and one of the crew even goes as far as saying this might be their favorite book! But before we can get to the book discussion, there’s a months worth of news to talk about, and there’s an announcement about the future of the podcast to get through. The Oncoming Storm… this time, we’ve got a sentient spatula! It’s really the best thing in the book.


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