The Adam and JP Show

This week Adam and Jp discuss the influence that classic sci-fi has had on our current tech. Without Star Trek, would we have the iPhone?

Jp tells the worst jokes he has ever heard.

Adam has problems with the recent WWE Pay-Per View, Battleground.

The duo traveled after the show last week to see Ant-Man, get thier thoughts on the latest Marvel Film.

Gamer’s Corner: New Releases include Journey to the PS4, Timbo: The Badass Elephant, The Binding of Issac and Game of Thrones. Gaming News has big news about Hearthstone and the classic FMV game Night Trap.

Rumors of a new Batman: The Killing Joke animated film and the motive of Joker in the new Suicide Squad film.

Plus: Hot Dog Eating, Sharknado and Apple Store porn. Also this week’s SOB.

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