The Adam and JP Show

Adam brings a new minty fresh treat to the show.

The boys are gearing up for Dragon Con, they review some of the announced guest.

The CW has announced a reboot of Friday the 13th in a TV series form. Is this a good idea?

Adam checked out the new Fantastic Four film, get his review.

Jp went to his local county fair.

Have there been any films or TV shows that the world seemed to love that you were late to the game for? Adam and Jp discuss what they were late for.

Gamer’s Corner: A Resident Evil 2 remake.

New stills and plot details have been released for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, get the low down.

DC has announced film releases until 2020. Is an overload possible.

Plus, more of Adam’s Undies, The SOB of the Week, Ghostbusters news and a new podcast annoucement.

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