The Adam and JP Show

This week Adam was a bass player in high school, he shares some songs and lyrics.

A new Presidential Candidate has thrown his hat in the ring and getting 9% of the vote in North Carolina.

The countdown to Dragon Con 2015 continues. New guest announced, a new parade route and some AJP plans.

This past week Adam has rewatched the original Star Wars trilogy, he has some insight about the mental state of our favorite Star Wars actors.

Gamer’s Corner: Adam has been playing The Binding of Issac and a new Asian gaming system.

Jp wants to know if there was ever anything Adam wanted as a kid and never got. This leads to Adam reveling a little to much about his childhood.

The countdown to Halloween begins with The 19 Best Horror Sequels ever, according to Moviefone

Get some possible Batman Vs. Superman spoilers.

Find out why Jimmy Buffet fans are really disgusting.

Plus: Cargo Shorts, Ashley Madison, The Duchess of Wales and Sesame Street.

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