The Adam and JP Show

This week starts with some stories that are local to the Nashville area (the home of our heroes). Including, a fat drummer falling out a window and a crooked election official with a potty mouth.

The boys breakdown a new fan theory about the upcoming Sony/Marvel Spider-Man movie and how Spidey will factor into Civil War. That leads to what the future might hold in the MCU for The Incredible Hulk. Planet Hulk? World War Hulk?

Gamer’s Corner:New releases for your handhelds and….. Family Feud chat?

The upcoming Deadpool film has some of the most brilliant marketing of any comic book film to date. Is that a sign it’s going to be awesome or should we worry?

Some new Star Wars Episode IX rumors are floating around, could a major character die?

Also… Grease Live, political stupidity and “The Year Was 1995”.

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