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RevolutionSF Podcast: Smeg, Joe, You Had One Job: Red Dwarf Revisited

Red Dwarf! It’s a British sci-fi classic about Lister, the last survivor of the human race (conveniently, a lovable slacker. So take that, all you med school overachievers!). He travels through space on the mining ship the Red Dwarf. He has companions Holly, Rimmer and Cat, but you can read about that on Wikipedia.
If you are a true fan, you’ll want the Red Dwarf Lexicon, an amazing two volumes covering all that is Red Dwarf. Our host, Deanna Toxopeus sits down with the author of the lexicon, Paul C. Giachetti. Joining them is RevCast regular, Nathan Laws. Together the three have a wide-ranging discussion on the show’s premise, themes, characters, notable (and not so notable) espisodes and even how every show has a Cousin Oliver.

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