On the next episode of the Pop Culture Cosmos show we’re talking the state of Star Wars as Disney gives us a taste of “The Last Jedi” and its new theme park openings. Then CEO Doki Tops of Utomik stops by to chat about his great game streaming service and explains why it often gets referred to as the “Netflix of gaming”. Then the produces of the play: The Video Games stop by to explain why their hit off Broadway show is really striking a connection with audiences. And no it’s not a rerun as our friends from the TV Ratings Guide return as we ask about all the latest rumors and ratings news in the tv marketplace. All this plus our thoughts on opening E3 to the public, another great hit from Hyperschmitt and an interview from this past CES with World Tech Toys plus a taste of the latest Double J Filmcast and more so thanks very much for checking out another jam packed episode as we delve into… the Pop Culture Cosmos!

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