This Week on Earth Station DCU! Drew Leiter and Cletus Jacobs must face the deadly blade of Slade Wilson! In Action Comics# 991, Its Kal-el vs. Jor-el as Mr. Oz takes the Man of Steel back to his prison hideout. Batman is lost in…Batman: Lost#1. Scott Free stands trial in Mister Miracle #4. On Supergirl, Morgan Edge strikes again and Lena Luthor is in the crossfire! Felicity joins Iris, Candice, and Kaitlyn for a bachelorette party, while Ralph takes the guys for Barry’s bachelor party on Flash. The Legends hunt vampires. Oliver joins Slade Wilson in search of his son on Arrow. All this plus, DC News, Cletus’s pick of the week, and much, much more!


Table of Contents

0:00:00 Show Open

0:01:11 DC News

0:08:02 Action Comics #991

0:12:39 Batman: Lost #1

0:16:50 Mister Miracle #4

0:23:52 Supergirl S3 Ep5 – Damage

0:30:46 Flash S4 Ep5 – Girls Night Out

0:41:30 Legends of Tomorrow S3 Ep5 – Return of the Mack

0:51:29 Arrow S6 Ep5 – Deathstroke Returns

1:08:03 Show Close


Action Comics #991

Batman: Lost #1

Mister Miracle #4

Booster Gold (2007-2011): 52 Pick-Up (Cletus’s Read More Comics Pick)

Earth Station One Tales of the Station

Earth Station One Tales of the Station Vol. 2

The Chameleon Chronicles: Colors of Fate

The Chameleon Chronicles: Sisters of the Thorn

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