The Adam and JP Show

It’s the first Adam and Jp Show on The ESO Network! This week: Deflate Gate has taken the country by storm and has everyone talking about what Tom Brady does to his Footballs. Someone is a Brady fan to the end, find out who.

Marvel announced big changes coming to the comic universe, what does the future hold and what’s behind the move? Jp has some thoughts. Speaking of Marvel, with Avengers: Age of Ultron just a few months away, is the Disney/Marvel complex going to miss a huge opportunity? Find out what that is.

Since the holidays, Adam has been catching up on Disney animated films the rest of us saw twenty years ago. Hear what he has been catching up on.

George Lucas has a new movie in the theaters and has recently spoke out about his ideas for the new Star Wars movie. Was Jedi Jar Jar really in the works?

Simon Pegg said this week he is helping to write the new Star Trek movie, is this a good idea?

Gamer’s Corner: A new simulation game hits the streets, some Saints Row IV DLC and old people play GTA 5.

Movie Reviews: Boyhood, American Sniper and Lucy

Plus! NASA News, UFOs, 60’s TV and The Pop Network.

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