The Adam and JP Show

This week, Jp discusses a recent YouTube video that shows an actual apartment break-in with a machete wielding mad man.

The WWE Royal Rumble was last weekend and left some fans mad. Has Vince lost touch with his audience? The boys discuss the PPV and The Road to Wrestlemania.

Gamer’s Corner: New releases include… a bridge building sim, a furniture building sim and ZomBeer. Gaming news has some Minecraft controversy and hard times for Sega. Plus, Adam has re-discovered The Super Mario Brothers Super Show.

A surprise guest phones in to discuss the new Fantastic Four trailer and what to expect with the comic franchise reboot.

Is it fair to call the upcoming movie Chappie, a 21st Century Short Circuit? There seems to be some common themes.

Adam can’t understand why his favorite movies are never nominated for Academy Awards. Should more fan favorite movies be nominated for the top honors?

Jp checked out Birdman last week, hear his review.

Plus, Ghostbusters, Independence Day 2, The VH1 Classic SNL Marathon and Suge Knight.

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