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The 90’s are back and in full effect this week on The Adam and Jp Show!

Adam has an indecent doughnut proposal. Could you forsake your health for money and doughy goodness?

The Super Bowl was last week, find out what the boys thought of the game, the half-time show and the commercials. Also, the difference in the half-time show now and in years past.

Jimmy Fallon is bringing the 90’s back with salutes to The Fresh Prince and Saved By the Bell. The boys have some salutes of their own.

Sam Smith has run into some legal troubles with Tom Petty. Did he really rip off a classic rock favorite or was it just an honest mistake?

Adam has some Netflix tips if you have ever missed out on popular shows in their original run. He describes the pros and cons of skipping to the last episode.

Gamer’s Corner: New games include a video game version of Risk, Game of Thrones, Dolphin Up and Criminal Girl. Gaming News includes a Toe Jam and Earl comeback, the return of Friday the 13th and a horror game called Summer Camp. Plus, find out what Adam has been twitching lately.

A South American man is spending his time and money on plastic surgery to transform him into the comic character, The Red Skull, what comic character would you transform yourself into?

Marvel comics has announced an all female “Avengers” team called A-Force. Is this a good idea?

#AskAdamAndJp returns this week. Plus, The X-Men, The X Files, 50 Shades of Grey and The Power Ball.

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