The Adam and JP Show

It’s The Friday the 13th/Valentine’s Day episode of AJP!

50 Shades of Grey is expected to do big business this weekend at the box office. Is this a brave new direction for American film or just a classed up dirty movie? Adam and Jp discuss.

A geek bombshell was dropped this week with the announcement that Spider-Man will make his way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The boys chat about what they expect and how our favorite Web Head should be handled in the upcoming movies.

Gamer’s Corner: 

New releases included EVOLVE and the new 3DS.

Gaming news has the first “Rated AO” game on Steam,  Adam has the Microsoft blues and a mobile gaming giant has been Candy Crushed.

It’s the curse of human life, one day it will all end. This week Jp has a list of some of the strangest ways people have traveled to the great beyond.

This week’s #AskAdamAndJp has questions about comic films, zombies and 90’s Pop Music.

Plus… A Spaceballs sequel, A Sports illustrated controversy and An image of Adam you will never get out of your head.

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