In this age of social media, and the 24 hour news cycle, it is almost impossible for a television show to surprise its audience.  Sure, as fans, we all say we do not want to be spoiled, but in reality, when you love a show, you cannot help but be curious about what is going to happen, you cannot help but seek out spoilers.

As a result, producers, like  Steven Moffat, do their best to control the release of these spoilers.  But, try as they might, no one can keep such a big secret as who the companion will be.  That is why it was no surprise to find out that Sophia Myles will be coming back to Doctor Who as the new companion …. Wait!  What? No, strike that!

For months, smart money had it that Sophia Myles was coming back to reprise her role from The Girl in the Fireplace.  In fact, Sophia had been recently spotted near where Doctor Who was filming on location.  Moffat created Reinette, so putting two and two together, this should have been easy.  But wait we all forgot, like The Doctor, Moffat lies.

Well okay, maybe that is too strong of a word, but Moffat is aware of what fans know, or think they know.  Who is to say he did not ask Sophia to come to Spain, just so that today’s announcement would have an extra punch.  However it happened, I am thrilled to discover that I did not see this coming.  The new companion is going to be Jenna-Louise Coleman.

Jenna was recently in the new Captain America movie, which I think shows she is comfortable with fantasy, sci-fi and special effects.  Who exactly she will be playing on Doctor Who, is still a secret, and hopefully will remain so for at least a few more weeks.

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