Earth Station One blog contributor Ashley Bergner’s new book “Bait & Switch: A sci-fi Sherlock Holmes” is now available for download on

“Bait & Switch” is a science fiction re-imagining of the classic literary detective Sherlock Holmes, blending the styles of “Doctor Who” and the BBC’s “Sherlock.” Set in a futuristic city on the planet of Eglon, the story follows Holmes, who lives in apartment complex 221 in the city’s rundown “Quadrant B” and works as a private detective and consultant for the quadrant’s Civic Security Station.

Jaymie Watson is a medical student who finds herself unwittingly caught up in Holmes’ first case, and she’s both intrigued and frustrated by Holmes and his eccentric personality. They are joined by Isin Lestrade, a Civic Security inspector, as they trace the clues back to a surprising source: James Moriarty, a professor who has created a crime ring to fund a controversial scientific experiment, and the man who will become Holmes’ most dangerous foe…

Download the book here:; or view a book trailer:


 Ashley Marie Bergner is currently employed as a journalist at The Newton Kansan newspaper, and her poetry and short fiction have been accepted for publication in the literary journals “Mirror Dance” and “Aoife’s Kiss.” She also is a regular contributor to the blog for the podcast “Earth Station One.” She enjoys reading and playing the harp in her spare time.

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