BUrlesque Atlanta Ep 2
Talloolah Love is a long time veteran of the Atlanta Burlesque scene. She has been the matron of the Burlesque Atlanta Society for many years, a community outreach organization that includes fans, photographers, producers and performers who come together once a month at Elliott Street Deli and pub to talk, perform, review and kick back in hopes to build a stronger network within the city and beyond. It’s been this way for a while, but she thinks that the community can step it up a notch with a few sassy interviews, a few how-to’s and a lot of exciting point of views. Her hope is that through this podcast, she can highlight the underground arts scene with a focus on Atlanta, and beyond!

This month, she sits with photographer, Kevin O’Connell, emcee and boylesque performer, Fritz Krieg, fellow burlesque veteran, The Chameleon Queen, and newcomer to the scene, Ariel Allegro in the very first Burlesque Atlanta round table to talk about the play-by-play of last month’s keynote speech (link episode one here?) She then takes a quiet moment after a rather rambunctious photo shoot with the illustrious Marc Turnley.

Find out more about all of that name dropping!

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APG Burlesque Camera Club
Tora Torrid
Greater Atlanta Goddess Society
Flame Cynders
Talloolah Love
Burlesque Atlanta Episode 1

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