In Episode 66 of CasterQuest Mandy and Xavier are recording live from Comicpalooza in Houston, Texas! Bringing Kingkiller Chronicle Fans the latest installment of our “The Wise Man’s Fear” Book Club, covering chapters 3-7.

In this episode, Kvothe scrambles to save up tuition money, and get enough studying in before the start of the new term at the University. He carts his friends off to the Eolian for a contentious performance, and Manet surprises everyone with his incredibly smooth seduction of Marie the Fiddler Goddess. Speaking of being smooth with the ladies, Kvothe continues to fumble his chances with Fela, while chasing after Denna and her sexy new music tutor(who also happens to be rich, handsome, and high-ranking member of the gentry.) We learn why you should never take drinks from a stranger, as Kvothe’s plans to attend his admissions exam go completely off the rails after Ambrose sabotages Kvothe with a sinister alchemical solution. Thankfully, Kvothe has a handful of dedicated friends who do their best to protect him from the effects of the drug.

Our next book club episode will cover chapters 8-11.

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