In Episode 88 of CasterQuest we recap Chapters 53-56 in our ongoing book club featuring Patrick Rothfuss’ best selling novel “The Wise Man’s Fear” the second book of the fantasy series “The Kingkiller Chronicle”.

In this episode Kvothe arrives in the city of Severen, in the country of Vintas. He’s ragged and penniless, and has to figure out how to make a proper introduction on himself to the Maer Alveron- in a place where gossip, court intrigue, and social status are all-important. Can our good boy behave well enough to make a good first impression? Find out!

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As always, we are incredible thankful to the talented musicians who have granted us the use of their music.

Opening track: “The University” from “The Name of the Wind: The Unofficial Soundtrack” by composer Mark Haas. Available on itunes or at

Closing track: “Maple, Maypole” by Anna Bosnick (aka Anna Phyllis Smith)

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