Mandy and Len are back from a short hiatus for another recap of Cartoon Network’s mini series- “Over The Garden Wall covering Episodes 3 & 4: “Schooltown Follies” and “Songs of the Dark Lantern“.

In this episode, our little pilgrims encounter a strange school full of animals, and there’s a wild gorilla on the loose! Oh Jimmy Brown- why did you abandon Ms. Langtree? Why is Mr. Langtree such a grump? Greg comes up with a great new potato recipe!

In Songs of the Dark Lantern we encounter a bizarre tavern where everyone sings about their occupation, and the beast draws ever closer to the boys…

We also talk about sneaking out of the house, playing video games with our parents, going viral on the internet with baked goods.. and we announce of Cosplayers of the Month for November!

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