Welcome back!  This week on Chuck’n Comics we are looking at AvsX #1…of the limited series.  An exciting opportunity turned disappointment when I realized the book I was reading was not the first book in the series but more a complimentary series for the story arc.

For those of you not in the know, what AvsX represents is the ultimate fight between Earth’s mightiest heroes and the X-Men when it comes down to the return of the Phoenix either meaning the rebirth of the mutant species or the end of  Earth as the Avengers know it.  The X-Men want it and the Avengers must protect the planet thus…Avengers vs. X-men!

So understanding this, I must say this was a series I was extremely excited to dive into.  It has been a while since I have been excited about a Marvel event so, needless to say, I was eager.  I, unfortunately, should have looked before I leaped because I ended up in the right story but wrong set of books so my experience with the books, thus far, is confusing but I am going to shoot a review of it anyway.



AvsX #1, written by Jason Aaron and penciled by Adam Kubert, of the limited series is involved with the story line but feels more like you’re watching the Marvel vs. Capcom version only it’s really Marvel vs. Marvel.  The fights in the book start like the game.  They actually go so far to list Match #1 and give the characters names in their own particular font.  Then you watch the battle unfold, you catch a piece of the story albeit very small and then you move onto the second fight.  That’s the books.  They are designed, I’m guessing, to give the readers more of what they can’t cram into the main books of the story-line:  More fights.

I don’t mind this really.  Who hasn’t clamored to see Magneto take on Iron Man or Namor and The Thing throw down.  My main criticism with these additional books is they really lack substance.  The fights are fun but not epic or almost epic.  In both fights they hit each with something large which shows off their powers but they end with a whimper with no real discernible winner as no one fighter is put out for good.  When you have two power house teams like the X-Men and the Avengers throw down two things are certain:  1.  There are going to be some serious injuries.   2.  Someone is going to die.  The stakes are too high for the fights in these books to be so…careful.

I mean seriously, the Thing leaves Namor pinned on the bottom of the ocean with two giant teeth pinning him, of which he escapes, and Iron Man leaves Magnet drifting in orbit, of which he’s still concious?  These fights feel more like bad break-ups than slobber-knockers (good ol’ JR!)

I am diving into the main books next week so I am hoping I am completely wrong and the main books are really leaving everything on the field for the reader to lose themselves in but I’ve been wrong before.  For now, I’d pass on the limited series.  It’s not very interesting and kind of fluffy for an all out brawl fest.  How is it fluffy?  Everyone walks away and with the stake as raised as they are…it needs to meet the bar that has been raised.

See you next ep.!

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