The Cigar NerdsThe Cigar Nerds Podcast Episode 26: DragonCon Survival Plan. This week our nerds freak out over last minute Dragon Con plans, and share our tips for surviving your con experience. We talk about panels, navigation, food, parties, and everything else you should know for your Dragon Con. In science we talk about different types of drunks, whiskey in space, smart rifle hacks, mapping Pluto, and zombie spiders. In news we talk about Star Wars Land, the Dead Pool trailer, Ready Player one gets a release date, and Ronda Rousey’s Marvel plans.

CAO Cigars
Dcon Parties
Dcon Cigar Group
Dcon Rooms
Gaming at Dragon Con
Wild Heaven Beer
Drunk Types
Rifle Hack
Pluto Names
Zombie Spider
Space Whiskey
Ronda Rousey
Dead Pool
Star Wars Land
Ready Player One

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